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     ​Remember, it is against the rules and regulations of SNAP for you to accept or redeem any SNAP FOOD benefits until you are authorized by USDA, FNS. Each store location under your ownership must have a separate SNAP permit; you must submit a separate application for each store that you own. If your store changes ownership, if you move, or if you close your store, your SNAP permit is void. You cannot transfer your permit to someone else.  Call 1-800-642-9633 for more information.

     Any retailer who would like to accept SNAP food benefits must be license in order to participate in SNAP program.  This section provides information for retailers who want to apply for a SNAP permit.  Today, the only form of SNAP benefit issuance is the EBT card. FNS allows you, the retailer, to accept SNAP payment for food using the EBT card--a kind of debit card.  ​
FNS has numerous materials designed to help you follow EBT/SNAP rules and regulations. Protect your business. Learn the proper way to handle SNAP transactions. The Retailer Training Guide will help you learn the Program rules and answer common questions about the Program. You can also find out what food items can be sold for SNAP benefits – and what things cannot be sold. We want you to be successful. Know and follow the laws and regulations, train your employees carefully, and monitor their performance –these are all ways in which you can help to ensure your success in SNAP.
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Business who can accept

EBT/SNAP Cash Benefits



Auto Repair Shops​

Book Stores

Clothing Stores​

Convenient Stores

Check Cashing


Nail & Hair Salons

Mini Markets


Hardware Stores

99 Cent Stores


General Stores


Utilities Providers


Legal Services Businesses

Liquor Stores

Laundry /Cleaners


Residential Landlords


Gas Stations

Grocery Stores



Street Vendors


Food Trucks

Processing Services
      If you agree to assign Retailer Application Services  as your (Third Party Processor ) ​to process your EBT card transactions you do understand that all documents and applications  except your SNAP application will be processed by Englobe WorldPay.​
Your SNAP application will be submitted to the USDA on your behalf electronically for processing in your state or state assigned to process retailer's applications. No private or  third party company is allow to process  any USDA/SNAP retailer's application. Note: All non USDA merchant applications are approved within 24 to 48 hours of acceptance. A merchant can accept some EBT benefits (cash) within this time frame.
Call 1800-642-9632 to speak with an agent if you have questions.

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