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POS Equipment

ebt application for retailers, ebt for retailers, ebt for business
clover mini pos system
clover mobile pos
pax s80 machine
Verihone pippad



  • When the recipient pays for the groceries, EBT card is swiped through an electronic card reader or a POS (point of sale) terminal. (If the POS machine cannot "read" the EBT card, you may need to use the number pad on the achine to key in the account number)

  • The recipient enters the secret PIN to access the Food Stamp Account.


Authorization and Rejection

  • The EBT system verifies the PIN and account balance electronically.

  • The EBT system then sends an authorization or denial back to the retailer.


If an Authorization is sent :

  • The recipient's account will be debited for the amount of the purchase made from the retail store.

  • The retailer's account will be credited at the end of the business day. Payment is made to the retailer through an ACH settlement process through the Quest network, which is governed by the Electronics Benefits and Services Council or EBT Council of NACHA. 

This is an EBT Pos system. All credit, debit and EBT cards can be process on this system

Equipment Options


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