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Interducing The New Chip EBT Card


Urgent Retailer Notice for California and Oklahoma SNAP EBT Retailers

Prepare for SNAP EBT Chip Cards

  • In the Summer of 2024, California and Oklahoma will begin issuing new SNAP EBT cards with Chip and Tap technology.

About SNAP EBT Chip Card Payment

  • SNAP retailers must be equipped to accept SNAP EBT chip card payment.

  • Though strongly encouraged, SNAP retailers are not required to accept Tap EBT payment at this time.

Chip and Tap transactions still require cardholder PIN entry at the point-of-sale.


SNAP EBT Chip Cards Help Prevent SNAP Fraud

  • EBT fraud, including using card skimming to steal benefits, is on the rise.

  • Introducing SNAP EBT chip cards is an important step to ensure that SNAP benefits are protected.

  • SNAP EBT chip cards are harder to copy and make it harder to steal SNAP account information.

  • SNAP EBT chip cards are a more secure payment option meant to protect SNAP retailers and SNAP participants from the devastating impact of stolen SNAP benefits.

Keep Your SNAP Customers Coming Back

  • Accepting SNAP EBT chipcards can protect SNAP benefits while securing your SNAP customer base.

  • SNAP participants want to know their SNAP benefits are safe when shopping at your store.

  • SNAP participants may not want to use their SNAP EBT card at stores without a chip payment option.

Steps You Should Take Immediately

  1. Contact Your Point-of-Sale (POS) Service Provider TODAY to ensure that your POS system will allow SNAP EBT chip cards to “fallback” to magnetic stripe transactions until SNAP EBT chip cards are supported (i.e. ECL capabilities are turned on in case the AID- A0000000044542 is unsupported).

  2. Request that your POS system be updated to support SNAP EBT chip cards.

  3. Tell your POS Provider that the SNAP EBT chip cards will use:

  4. Standard EMV chips

  5. Both contact-only and dual-interface

  6. New EBT Application Identifier (AID): A0000000044542

  7. 220 service code on Track II of the magstripe

  8. Further details for your POS service provider to follow will be coming soon


  10. For Help: If your POS service provider needs more information about supporting SNAP EBT chip cards, tell them to contact

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